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AcuClix responds to the needs of our clients as well as the industry and develops additional products and services to help manage risk.   We can provide cost effective customized solutions for your specific needs and requirements. 

Social Media Reputation Risk Report

Social media did not create reputation risk, but it has greatly amplified it.  It is free and easy to express opinions on-line. This ease of use has created a huge head-ache for companies in terms of damage to reputation.  

Our Report provides the company a cost-effective method of identifying on-line statements that could negatively affect its reputation and provides proof to regulators and other stake holders that the company is pro-actively managing this risk. 

Social Media Compliance Risk Assessment (SMCRA) Report

SMCRA provides a cost effective, methodical approach to assist in the due diligence required by wholesalers, warehouse lenders and other stakeholders of their third-party originating companies (TPOs).  SMCRA reviews the TPO’s on-line presence and includes a Risk Score to assist in evaluating the on-line social media risk. 

SMCRA can also be used to assist in acquisition due diligence of branch offices or entire mortgage entities.

Reverse Mortgage TPO Risk Report

The HECM/Reverse mortgage presents a greater level of scrutiny by regulators and therefore, increased risk.  We review the social media footprint of the TPO specifically for reverse mortgage advertisements and statements.  The Report includes a Risk Score to assist in evaluating the risk.