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AcuClix has been providing software solutions, support, and expertise to the mortgage industry since 2012. Our products and services are used by many of the largest independent mortgage companies in the United States. Our products are developed based upon input from our clients. We invite you to explore our solutions and contact us. Thank you.

Marketing Service Agreement Software

AcuAuditor manages the requirements for Marketing Service Agreements, ("MSAs") Desk Rentals or other Co-marketing relationships. AcuAuditor gives you the confidence that you can use these marketing relationships in a compliant and cost effective manner.

Social Media Compliance

Social media compliance is a very confusing and difficult requirement. AcuClix has been doing social media compliance since 2013. We have reviewed tens of thousands of loan officers and hundreds of thousands of sites. We are here to help.  

Deficiency Notification/Curative Processing Software

AcuClix responds to the needs of our clients as well as the industry by developing additional products and services that help manage risk. We can provide cost effective customized solutions for your specific needs and requirements.  

Manage Reputation & Regulatory Risk

Save time and Money

Cost effective, cloud based with NO long term commitment.

Get more done

Simple, easy and fast to use.

Increase efficiency

Create reports in minutes.

Protect your Brand

Management reports provide real-time review of process.

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