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Social Media Compliance (SMC)

Social media compliance is difficult, time consuming and resource intense.  Compliance and marketing staff are stretched with many other duties and responsibilities.  We are here to help. 


SMC provides the tools you need to effectively manage this complexity.  Our review process delivers information you need when you need it.  Our expert staff knows and understands State/Federal laws, rules & regulations.  We have been doing social media compliance from 2013 and have reviewed more than 20,000 loan officers with approximately 160,000 sites.    


Our review protocols; delivery of reports and follow up are all customized to your requirements.

Pricing is transparent and affordable. 

Senior Management:

  • Cost effective, cloud based software with NO long term commitment.
  • Reduces internal costs of compliance, archiving and reporting.
  • Management reports provide real-time review of process.
  • Makes compliance & marketing staff more efficient. 
  • Non-invasive; loan officers do not access software.
  • Ensure compliance with Company's Marketing & Social Media Policies.
  • Comply with State & Federal Regulations of social media compliance.
  • Operational within days and transparent pricing .

Branch & Regional Manager: (Optional)

  • Regulatory & Management reports in minutes.
  • Maintain Branch/region compliance.
  • Identify and address concerns prior to Regulatory action.
  • No additional duties/requirements on Loan Officers..

Marketing & Compliance Staff:

  • Makes Social Media Compliance process simple.
  • Establish process for identification, review and correction of all Social Media.
  • Review real-time reports.
  • Full control of software and process.
  • Unlimited archiving.
  • Makes staff more efficient & effective.
  • Provides additional expertise. 

Loan Officer:(Optional)

  • No additional duties/requirements.
  • Simple, easy to use, only respond to emails.
  • Non invasive.
  • Protects from Regulatory action.

Regulatory Requirements:

  • Create reports for State & Federal Regulators in minutes.
  • Flexible reports including all URLS as well as State, Branch and Loan Officer.
  • Proof of compliance with FFIEC/CFPB. State Laws, Rules & Regulations.
  • Annual written Certification of Compliance provided.