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Marketing Assistance Platform (MAP)

MAP  integrates marketing material requests, marketing & compliance oversight, creation and monitoring and provides a library of approved content; resulting in real-time management and regulatory reporting.

Senior Management:

  • Cost effective, cloud based with NO long term commitment.
  • Expand capacity of your Marketing & Compliance staff with minimal investment.
  • Save money by reducing overhead costs of marketing approval, compliance and archiving.
  • Management reports provide real-time review of process.
  • Support your Loan Officers by providing them with on-line library of approved material.
  • Respond to regulatory audits with confidence and in minutes.
  • Provides functionality that only companies with large IT Departments can afford!

Branch & Regional Manager: (Module)

  • Helps with recruitment and retention of Loan Officers.
  • Competes with large, multi-state lenders.
  • Provides Branch approved library of approved Ads & Marketing Material.
  • Provides pre-approval of Ads & Marketing Material prior to compliance review.
  • Keeps track of Ads & Marketing Material review process.
  • Assists in support of Loan Officers and Marketing Staff.
  • Creates Regulatory & Management Reports in minutes.

Marketing & Compliance Staff: (Module)

  • Makes it easier to do your job well with customized checklists and requirements.
  • Simple, intuitive to use and overlays on your current process.
  • Eliminates redundant phone calls, emails and text messages to and from Requestors.
  • Creates reports for State & Federal Regulators as well as Senior Management in minutes.
  • Unlimited archiving for years, provides full compliance with Reg N & State Regulations.
  • Manages Co-Marketing Partnerships; allocates expenses (Builders, Realtors, Title Agents, etc.).
  • Manages Marketing Vendors & Third Party Marketing Companies (Printers, Direct Mail, Zillow, etc.)

Loan Officer: (Module)

  • Simple, easy and fast to use.
  • Respond only to emails, no learning software.
  • Eliminates frustrating phone calls, emails and text messages.
  • Access Library of approved Ads & Marketing Material for your use.

Regulatory Officer:

  • Respond to Regulatory requests and create reports in minutes.
  • Reports include: State, Branch, and Loan Officer, as well as time frame requested.
  • Copies of all approved Ads & Marketing Material and dates used included in reports. .